Bicycle Day – A Bike Ride Through the Universe (or maybe just San Francisco…)

A commemorative day to celebrate Albert Hoffman’s infamous bike ride home from his lab in Switzerland, when he first experienced the psychedelic properties of LSD-25 (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25) – 74 years later it has become a universally recognized date, celebrated throughout cultures around the globe… This is a story of a “bicycle ride” throughout San Francisco, exploring a thriving epicenter of psychedelic culture with some amazing people, some whom will remain anonymous as per requested.

Exploring a Thriving Psychedelic Culture – Bicycle Day, San Francisco 2017

Their was word of an amazing visionary event in San Francisco, some friends have told me about Alex & Allison Grey hosting an event with Euphonic Conceptions, Legion of Bloom Music & Higher Vision – a LEGENDARY combination of extraordinary production talent.

I traveled to Alameda the night before to make sure I was close to San Francisco for 4/19 – We met up with some friends by the pier around noon for some mimosas as we contemplated the day, after unsuccessfully attempting to rent some bicycles (they wanted a $600 deposit…) – our group decided to head over to the Mission District where we found ourselves taking dabs & drinking more mimosas in the park for a few hours, making a few new friends in the process. We eventually started exploring some of the art alleys in the nearby area, guided by a local graffiti artist.

Art Alley – San Francisco

Another few hours of exploring the urban art districts of San Francisco, meeting new people & capturing a few timeless memories we eventually made our way over to “The Midway” – a mysterious sounding night club in the depths of the industrial parts of San Francisco.. Our group left the car in a 24/7 parking garage & we caught a cab over to the venue. This is where the adventure really gets started…

An Unforgettable Experience – A Bicycle Day Event with Alex Grey

We got into the event fairly easily, instantly we’re greeted by a friendly staff with confidence & care for the community / culture. Our group ended up splitting apart once we all got our stamps for the evening. I made my way over to the vendor area, getting lost in a maze of live artists, galleries of masterpieces & thousands of radiant souls along the way.. Eventually I found my way to the “Heady Wook Supplies” booth featuring a collection of several Bay Area artists, creators & vendors. This was going to be my base for the evening, I left my backpack at the booth & began to explore the layout of the event, with my camera out ready to capture the memories..

I found myself not straying too far from the booth before I ran into some familiar faces. After a few conversations & mixture of left / right turns I found myself standing in front of a conference that Alex Grey was taking part in discussing the history of Psychedelics, catching a few minutes in the middle of the presentation wasn’t the most inspiring part of the evening, but it was definitely an interesting topic. I found myself getting lost in the art halls for quite some time, mesmerized by the collection of masterpieces showcased at the event, several hundred original pieces from artists around the universe.

The crowd & energy pulled me into the main room of the event where Alex Grey was giving an opening speech, which I was able to catch most of & capture tremendous emotion & spirit through some amazing photographs.. (shared at the end..) – After capturing a set of images I went to sit down at the booth to re-adjust and review some of the photography.

It didn’t take long before I was back amidst the crowd in the main room listening to the All-Star lineup of the Bureau Of Sabotage group, consisting of ; guitarist John Kadlecik (Furthur), bassist Oteil Burbridge (Dead & Company/Allman Brothers Band), keyboardist Aron Magner (Disco Biscuits) and drummer Jeff Franca (Thievery Corporation) – The crowd was vibrant & fluid like an ocean with a wild tide. Alex Grey was on stage working magic with the strokes of the brush, inspiring spiritual culture around the globe through visionary artwork.

Alex and Allison Grey Painting at Bicycle Day Event
Alex & Allison Grey Painting – Bicycle Day, San Francisco 2017

The rest of the evening was spent on my own personal & spiritual journey of awakening. The event was a major source of inspiration, I am forever grateful for the influence, inspiration & insight that I was able to take home from this unforgettable day in history. Throughout the rest of the event I met dozens of old & new friends, and shared a wealth of information. It was a blessing to share this experience with the community, One LOVE ~

The Story of Bicycle Day – An Internationally Recognized Day in History

The story of Albert Hoffman is told around the globe, on this day in history, April 19th – 1943 ; Albert Hoffman had discovered the psychedelic properties of LSD-25 while working with Sandoz Laboratories in Basel, Switzerland. A few days prior while isolating the compounds of certain Ergot fungus found to grow on rye in medical research. Hoffman asked his research assistant to escort him as he ingested a 250 mcg dose which led to the psychedelic discovery & a cultural revolution for the western world.


Jason Greene

Raised on the Big Island of Hawai'i & influenced by culture from around the globe "Jason Greene" was born. An alias / pen-name to share information & experience of the spiritual & cultural essence. Traveling the world in search of truth, art, culture, science & everything else... Sharing my adventures through words & photography ~
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