Hemp Isolate CBD Powder – 99.9% pure
99+% Pure Hemp extract isolate is sourced from licensed, organic hemp farms.  It is non-GMO, pesticide free and solvent free.  There is zero THC therefore zero psychoactivity.
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Lube It Intimate Lubrication
Lube It intimate lubrication is infused with essential oils that provide warming, cooling and aphrodisiac effects that both partners will enjoy.   It also contains 100mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract that can provide pain relief for women who experience pain...
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Buzz CBD Honey – 100mg Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD
Locally sourced, CBD infused honey offers a delicious way to consume Broad Spectrum Hemp extract.  Each 2 oz Buzz It Bear contains 100mg ofBroad Spectrum Hemp CBD extract. Buzz CBD Honey is a locally sourced, CBD infused honey offering a...
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CBD Pet Oil – Squirt It Pets 250 – 250mg Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture
Squirt It Pets Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD is an organic olive oil based tincture with 250mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD that can be used for a variety of animals. CBD pet oil, Squirt It Broad Spectrum Hemp, is an...
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Woof It 5mg Broad Spectrum CBD Dog Treat
Woof It Broad Spectrum Hemp Pet Treats – All natural grain free pet treats infused with 5mg Hemp extract per treat. No chemicals, additives, fillers or preservatives. All natural ingredients. Woof It Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Dog Treats – All...
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The Rub – 850mg Broad Spectrum Pain Balm
The Rub is an all natural pain balm is formulated to bring rapid pain relief.  It contains 850mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp extract along with an intense essential oil profile.  Think Icy Hot meets Tiger Balm.  It provides a warming...
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Full On - 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD Pain Stick
Full On 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD pain stick is an all natural pain stick.  Full On is formulated to bring rapid, but long term pain relief.  It contains 500mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD along with an extensive essential oil...
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Dynamic Duo CBD bundle
Dynamic Duo combines The Rub 850mg CBD with Capsaicin along with Squirt It 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD tincture with a 15% discount as a bundled deal.   The Rub Broad Spectrum Pain Balm is an all natural pain balm formulated to bring...
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